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1. After washing your garment, Hang your garments or anything else you wish to dry inside the bag

2. Plug in the hot air pump at the base

3. Zip up the air o dry bag at the top

4 Turn on the dryer and allow it for 45 munites,

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Brand New Technology to Dry your clothes, Shoes, Caps, Hats, Gloves, Leathers and more in Just 45 Minutes After Washing Them.

Clothes can take several hours to dry when left just to hang and this can be very inconvenient. The Air-o-Dry dryer can dry your clothes indoors within only 45 MUNITES!

You just put the clothes into the dryer, which can be folded and stored easily, plug the specially designed hot air blower into the mains, close it and let them dry. It comes with hangers and pegs so you can hang the clothes inside the dryer

The Air-O-Dry is perfect for those one-piece of clothing emergencies. Now you have a closet in which you can hang your wet clothes and through the warm air circulation, they dry quicker than you thought possible.

Air-O-Dry folds up neatly and becomes so compact you can even travel with it! It is convenient for those staying in motel / hotel, which doesn’t have proper place to dry your clothes.


√     Fast dry without spin drying damage
√     No wear, no shrinkage, no wrinkles
√     Suitable for any kind of fabric
√     Ideal for delicate clothes
√     Space saving
√     Also dries shoes, caps, hats, gloves, leathers and more
√     Full capacity dryer that fits into a handbag
√     No need to iron, no messy hand dry
√      Dry all your clothes in less than 1 hour
√      Just hang your clothes in the dryer, close it, switch it on and let them dry

Now see the video demonstration below that showcase the wonders of AIR O DRY


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