Complete Guide To Home Made Slimming Tea

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Do You Have That Annoying Belly Fat That Has Refused To Go Away, Making Your Belly Look Like A Pregnant Woman Even When You Are Not Even Pregnant?

Do You Want To Know The  Treasured Secret Of Getting Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat And Achieving Your Youthful And Slim Figure Again So People  Can Find You Attractive?

If Your Answer To This Question Is A GIGANTIC YES, read to the end as I Expose The Secrete Of Getting Rid of excess belly fat using ordinary food ingredients.

Let Me Ask You……………

Will you still wish to continue consuming chemicals which you and i know will eventually affect your health in the near future?.

Or are you going to learn from us  ” How to produce a HOME MADE SLIMMING TEA, using simple Fruits and vegetables and other food ingredients, that are 100% natural and safe with zero side effect.

Now You can Produce Your Own Home Made Slimming Tea Using Simple Fruits and vegetables, Which am Going to Recommend to You,

And you know what?

The Fruits and Vegetables and other food ingredients, are not hard to get, You don’t need to journey to the evil forest as seen on Nigerian Movies to get them, they are things you see everyday in our local market,

Things you have been using to cook Your Meal Everyday, but you never knew There are other purposes God Created Them For.


As a woman progresses in her later years, aka her menopause years, she loses estrogen. One frustrating consequence of this loss of estrogen is that the normal contours of her body change. What she discovers is, instead of weight settling on her hips, it goes straight to her belly.

Even a thin woman may be frustrated to discover that, as she turns 30 and above her estrogen levels begins to drop at a drastic rate and before you know it she is already sporting stubborn belly fat that refuses to go away.

Even as you age, your bodies metabolism begins to slow down to the point that your body which used to burn fat sporadically just becomes lazy and starts storing fat in unwanted places around the body… including your tummy.

With this you will discover that your sexy tiny waist has started adding fat, your waist line is increasing, your skirts and trousers which you used to wear before begins to become extra tight and your tummy starts protruding and increasing in size.

Anytime you wear that “Figure Hugging” gown  instead of your figure 8 showing, all people can see is your unusually large belly.

You begin to see unnecessary folds on your stomach that spoils your shape. If you used to have an hour glass figure before, you begin to lose that shape because fat begins to cover up that “figure 8” that attracted your husband to you.

Even pregnancy can change your body too, that fat you accumulated during pregnancy might just refuse to go away. Even if it goes away, your belly fat seems to have “Strong Head”.

With this development if your husband initially got attracted to your “Figure 8” shape he might start asking you questions and complaining. If he is the undisciplined type, he might start looking outside at all this slay queens that are out to steal any man even if he is married.

Then we now start hearing stories like “Husband Found In Bed With House Maid By Wife Of 15 Years”…Or “Lady Commits Suicide After Husband Impregnates Her 16 Year Old Niece”…..I pray that will not be your portion IJN….Say a big amen…

I know women who have lost their husbands and boyfriends to other women simply because their hubby started seeing them as “Fat And Saggy”. They see them as unattractive and then start looking at other girls then from there we start hearing sad stories.

Ladies you don’t be scared, you are not the only one with this issue. Even Almighty Beyonce. had this same issue once she turned 30 and above and even had her baby Blue Ivy.

She revealed in her tell all interview that once she turned 32 and had her baby she started seeing belly fat that was not there before…..They even say Jay Z cheated on her due to this…. See what she said

“Losing Weight And Keeping Fit Has Always Being A Watchword For Me As An Entertainer. When I Had My Daughter I Had This Stubborn Belly Fat That Refused To Go Away And It Was So Obvious That Shirts, Gowns And Trousers I Wore Before Didn’t Fit Me Anymore. 

My Body Metabolism Slowed Down And Instead Of Burning Fat Like Before I Was Getting Bigger Tummy I Even Lost My Figure And I Was Worried Because I Needed To Stay In Shape As A Global Entertainer.

 Now You Understand That Anyone Can Gain Weight  Even the almighty American Celebrity “Beyonce” Once faced such problems in her lifetime,  Gaining weight is not a cause, it dose happen, But it becomes a problem if you allow it to decide your shape. or destroy your home, God has blessed you with that sexy hour glass shape,

Belly fat can be so stubborn, am talking from experience.

These things are there with you, maybe staring at you right now, but you just need an eye opener to see what they could be used for and how to apply them to get amazing results.

Simple and natural Fruits and vegetables and other food ingredients did the magic for her, now she has regained her original shape even after given birth to children.


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