NIGHT Vision Goggles (ORIGINAL)



The new HD night vision goggles

Now You Can See Clearly at Night and Bad Weather Conditions when Driving, With The Newest Technology, ” night vision goggles

Now Available in Nigeria Plus Free Shipping & Pay on Delivery To Anywhere In Nigeria.

see the short video demonstration below to see for yourself the wonders of night vision goggles.

The HD night vision goggles practically turn the night into Daytime during night driving, just put it on and you see clearly as if you are driving in the afternoon hours of the day.

Night Vision Goggles

Now You Can See The World With a Different Eye, With The HD Vision.

Do you always have problems driving freely at night or in a bad weather conditions,

Most cases. you find it very difficult seeing clearly at night , or during a raining or bad weather period.

You dont have to worry about all that, with the new night vision goggles, your problems are over,

With the new improved night vision glases, you can now see clearly during rainy days or bad weather period, or drive freely at night without being afraid of glares of incoming vehicles,

The hd vission sunglass will completely take away the light glares from incoming vehicles at night and practically turn your night driving into a day driving.

just as seen on the picture above, you can notice clearly how the hd glases takes care of the glares and disturbances hindering a successful night browsing

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Item type: HD Night VisiongLASSES

Item size: Free size for most

Style: Retro

Model: Over Wrap Around

Lenses: Gradient & Anti-Reflective

Anti-UV level: UV400

Visible perspective rate: 99%

Feature: HD Night Vision, UV400 Protection and Explosion-proof Lenses and Frame.

Applicable face: Fit Round face, Long face, Square face, Oval shape face.

Application: Perfect for Cycling, Running, Driving, Fishing, Casual use etc.

Gender: Unisex

Lenses material: Polycarbonate

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


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